The D-Twin Baltic project consortium is finalised

During the last two and a half months the project consortium has been working hard to enlarge and finalise the partnership.

Klaipeda University (LT) will be the lead partner in the application for the regular Interreg Baltic Sea Region project.
Lund University (SE) – project partner
Deponigas APS (DK) – project partner
UAB Klaipėda Region Waste Management Center (LT) – project partner
Baltic Energy Innovation Centre (SE) – project partner
Eco-Construction (PL) – project partner
NSR AB (SE) – project partner
Lithuanian Energy Institute (LT) – project partner
Liepajas RAS Ltd (LV) – project partner

SC “Klaipėdos vanduo” (LT) – associated organisation
European Biogas Association (BE) – associated organisation
Biochar Tech Sweden AB (SE) – associated organisation
Swedish Waste Management Association (SE) – associated organisation