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Visit at RecoPark

On the 25th April, Hesameddin Fatehi, Marcus Lundgren and Per Tunestål from Lund University and Jörgen Held, coordinator D-Twin Baltic, visited Ludvig Landen, NSR AB and RecoPark in Helsingborg.

From left: Hesameddin Fatehi, Marcus Lundgren, Per Tunestål and Ludvig Landen. Photo: Jörgen Held

At RecoPark, garden waste and recycled wood are used as feedstock to produce biochar through pyrolysis. There are several other interesting facilities at the site, such as a two gas engines (2 x 300 kWel) fed with landfill gas and a boiler fed with pyrolysis gas and/or landfill gas.

A pilot plant pyrolysis reactor is planned to be installed at the site to enable parametric studies and  research and development of the pyrolysis process.